Max/MSP Quick Tip #5: Applescript in Max

Often when working on a project that needs to interact with other apps on the system it is useful to know some Applescript. Applescript is Apple’s own consumer level programming/scripting language that allows users… Continue reading

5 Reasons why you should learn to code

Coding education seems to be the idea of the moment schools beginning to add computer science to list of core sciences along with chemistry, biology and physics. There is however good reason for… Continue reading

Understanding how to Learn how to program

There are a multitude of reasons why one may want to learn to program computers however many fall by the wayside because they underestimate the gravity of what they are trying to achieve… Continue reading

Space Replay Installation by Francesco Tacchini

‘A hovering object that explores and manipulates transitional public spaces with particular acoustic properties. By constantly recording and replaying these ambient sounds, the levitating sphere produces a delayed echo of human activity.’ The… Continue reading

Max/MSP Quick Tip #4: Amplitude Envelopes with ADSR~

Amplitude envelopes control the shape of a sound; how it builds and how its decays. In Max envelopes implemented using either the line and function objects or the ADSR~ object. The example on… Continue reading

Max/MSP Quick Tip #3: Simple LFO

Due to the modular nature of Max things like LFO modules can be built in multiple ways with multiple levels of complexity and control. Here are two basic methods i use regularly; one… Continue reading

Max/MSP Quick Tip #2: Launching Apps & Websites from Max

You can launch apps on your computer and websites in your primary web browser with message boxes in Max. Simply create a message box and type: ; max launchbrowser file:///Applications/ Alternately to launch websites… Continue reading

Bot & Dolly: Box – Projection Mapping Onto Moving Objects

Projection mapping onto moving object at its finest!

Schlieren Flow Visualisation

As the video explains Schlieren Flow Visualisation allows us to capture sound waves on film by distorting the path the light takes into the camera lens. This would be an amazing way to… Continue reading

BINKBEATS does Amon Tobin

An interesting approach to making/covering music