Leafcutter John’s Light Controlled Instrument (Max/MSP)

Musician/Artist/Magician Leafcutter John has released a new live video from his gig at XOYO in London in which he performs with his fascinating ‘light controlled instrument’ built with Max/MSP. Check out John’s website… Continue reading


TUNA-KNOBS Could this be the future of control surfaces? Design them with whatever features you like and then place hardware controls on the screen for tactility and ease of use!!!

Blip Shaper – Visual Audio Manipulation.

It’s been around for a while but doesn’t seem to have received as much attention as it should have. BlipShaper is a visual, touchscreen interface that allows users to manipulate sound gesturally with… Continue reading

Max/MSP Quick Tip #7: Some more about Applescript in Max

The first Quick Tip about using in Applescript seems to be quite popular so here are a few more useful things to know and some further elaboration on points from the first post.… Continue reading

Max/MSP Quick Tip #6: Resources for learning about Max’s Javascript functionality

This is aimed roughly at those who have never used Javascript in Max/MSP before but it will probably be helpful to those who already use it to some extent as well. 1. Codecademy… Continue reading

Understanding the differences between Modernism and Postmodernism

I for one have never really understood the differences between Modernism and Postmodernism. The people at the Open University however do seem to know what it’s all about and have condensed it down… Continue reading

Project Naptha – You can now copy text from IMAGES in Chrome

Project Naptha is a new Chrome extension that allows users to actually select and copy text from images. It also has other features that allow for translation and text removal from images. Could… Continue reading

Audio Production: Tips for achieving a cohesive analogue feel in your mixes whilst working ‘in the box’

In the world of audio production an interesting technological anti-revolution has occurred that has meant a large majority of its practitioners now strive to work entirely with older analogue technologies rather than their… Continue reading

The 2D Rubens Tube

  An interesting look at a two dimensional Rubens Tube built by Fysikshow that lets us see sound. Usually only consisting of a single tube with multiple holes, the Rubens Tube uses sound… Continue reading

A look at the factors driving a resurgence within the UK music industry.

By Oliver Ayre – May, 2013   According to PRS, in 2011 the UK music industry generated revenues totalling approximately £3.8 billion (PRS, 2012), almost ten percent of the UK’s current £36 billion… Continue reading