Tweeter of the Day: @digego

@digego Who are they? Andrew Sorenson is a artist/programmer who specialises in live coding music. Why should i follow them? Although not the most prolific tweeter Sorenson does link to a lot of videos of… Continue reading

Tweeter of the Day: @IAmDevloper

@IAmDevloper Why should i follow them? Developer humour abounds…..Give it a go!

No Man’s Sky: The Largest Game Ever Made?

Sean Murray, of Hello Games, who are currently working on the much anticipated, procedurally generated, space exploration game, No Man’s Sky, recently gave an interview to the MIT Technology Review in which he revealed some… Continue reading

Google’s Design Guidelines

Google recently unveiled their amazing new ‘Design Guidelines’ which cover the various facets of design including: Animations, Style, Layout, Components, Patterns, Usability & Resources. Within these sections are various sub-sections that cover everything from typography… Continue reading

Tweeter of the Day: @brad_frost

@brad_frost Who are they? Brad Frost is a: “web designer, speaker, writer, consultant, musician, and artist in beautiful Pittsburgh, PA.” Why should i follow them? Web design skills aside Brad tweets a lot of… Continue reading

Tangible Media Group’s inFORM – The Future of Cramped Living Spaces?

Almost a year ago MIT’s Tangible Media Group released this video demonstrating a new project called inFORM which could: “render 3D content physically, so users can interact with digital information in a tangible… Continue reading

Tweeter of the Day: @JavaScriptDaily

@JavaScriptDaily   Who are they? JavaScriptDaily brings you: “Daily JavaScript news and links”   Why should i follow them? Not technically a person as such but an invaluable resource for your daily dose of… Continue reading

Tweeter of the Day: Kyle McDonald (@kcimc)

@kcimc   Who are they? Kyle McDonald is a: “Artist working with code as medium and theme: interactive installations, tactical openness. F.A.T. Lab fellow, openFrameworks community manager.”   Why should i follow them? Many… Continue reading

Affinity Designer, A FREE Mac Alternative To Illustrator

Serif, makers of various creative and publishing tools, have released the Beta of their latest offering Affinity Designer, a vector image package designed to rival Adobe’s Illustrator (it evens looks very similar). At… Continue reading

Tweeter of the Day: @mbutterick

@mbutterick   Who are they? Matthew Butterick is a: “Writer, typographer, programmer, lawyer. Creator of Butterick’s Practical Typography & the Pollen publishing system.”   Why should i follow them? Matthew, as his twitter profile… Continue reading