No Man’s Sky: The Largest Game Ever Made?

Sean Murray, of Hello Games, who are currently working on the much anticipated, procedurally generated, space exploration game, No Man’s Sky, recently gave an interview to the MIT Technology Review in which he revealed some startling, and yet fascinating, insights on the games development. 

For those who haven’t heard about the project No Man’s Sky is an open world (or should we say ‘universe’) game that allows players to travel through space before seamlessly swooping down to explore procedurally generated planets, each with their own unique eco-systems including: vegetation, terrains, wildlife and atmospheres. 

What is so amazing about No Man’s Sky is the fact that is almost infinite in size. 

“If you were to visit one virtual planet every second, then our own sun will have died before you’d have seen them all.”

Due to the size of the game the team have even been sending bots into the game to explore and photograph the various planets that have generated to check for any bugs. 

The team also had to tackle the common problem faced with almost anything that is generative in nature namely: how can you stop it from generating chaos? Sean explains in the interview that during the course of development they were required to generate and implement certain rules to govern the ways planets and galaxies were generated. These included rules that base the structure of a planets atmosphere on its proximity to a star which in turn governs the kinds of weather, vegetation and wildlife can be found in one place.  

The game is currently set for release on Sony’s Playstation 4 with no release date yet given. You can however watch two of the trailers below.