Tangible Media Group’s inFORM – The Future of Cramped Living Spaces?

Almost a year ago MIT’s Tangible Media Group released this video demonstrating a new project called inFORM which could:

“render 3D content physically, so users can interact with digital information in a tangible way.”

As you can see in the video below this was achieved using multiple techniques including video tracking and projection to move a bed of ‘pins’ which make up a dynamic surface.

Since this release of thus initial video they have released a number of other videos which demonstrate other interesting applications of the technology such as 3D views of maps.

Another interesting video is a demonstration of projection mapping on a moving object, similar to the amazing video made by Bot & Dolly. Presumably the projection mapping shown in this video will be applied to the inFORM surface to allow even more flexibility and scope for its use.

As mentioned in the title of this post the inFORM technology could be the future of compact living as work surfaces, tables, seating and beds could all be left flat in the floor and called upon when needed. Although the apparatus currently appear rather large if it can be shrunk down enough the possibility is there to install this in place of conventional flooring to maximise space efficiency.