Max/MSP Quick Tip #6: Resources for learning about Max’s Javascript functionality

This is aimed roughly at those who have never used Javascript in Max/MSP before but it will probably be helpful to those who already use it to some extent as well.

1. Codecademy

Not Max but if you’ve never even laid eyes on any Javascript code before this is a good place to start to acquaint yourself with the fundamentals of the language.

2. Max Documentation

The Max tutorial section features four lessons on utilising Javascript in Max.

3. Jeremy Bernstein Videos

These videos, split into three parts, document Mr Bernstein’s workshop at the M4_u convention in which he discusses getting started with Javascript in Max and some particular benefits of using it (Recursion in your patch without a million objects!!!!!). The whole talk (well over an hour) is particularly informative in regards to the particular modifications made by Cycling74 to the core Javascript language so as to make it useful in Max/MSP/Jitter.

* The link takes you to the first video in the series with links to the second and third in the descriptions under the videos on Vimeo.

4. The Cycling74′ Wiki Javascript Docs

The Cycling wiki is made up of various user contributed documents and snippets of old documentation that are still useful to some. The Javascript area has 15 documents that cover the basics through to using javascript for networking, user interface design and more so it’s a good place to explore once you have the basics down.

5. This Post – Example scripts by Christopher Dobrian 

The examples you can download from this link are highly commented at every stage which will really help to understand the linear processes of writing and executing the code. Very Useful examples.

6. Build a circular sequencer video series

This series of videos shows you how to build a sequencer with a twist in Max using Javascript. Although the topic of the videos is specific to one thing the techniques and methods are fairly universal so this is a good watch for those learning.

7. Other useful sites to check out that sometimes talk about Javascript in Max.

Luke Hall’s Blog – Various useful Max nuggets.

Cassiel – A few pieces on Javascript for visuals in Max.

Ollie Larkin’s Blog – Some scripts for really fancy UI knobs using JSUI.

Phonotrope – A couple of Max/Javascript posts here.