p5.js – Processing for Javascript & Web Developers

What is it? p5.js is a new Javascript library developed by ‘Lauren McCarthy and others’ that allows Javascript programmers to write Processing sketches in native Javascript which can then be included in a HTML file.… Continue reading

Tweeter of the Day: @REAS

@REAS   Who are they? Among many many things, including being a professor at UCLA,  Casey Reas is the founder and primary developer of Processing, a multimedia programming language and development environment used… Continue reading

The Visual Microphone: Extracting Sound from Visual Vibrations

Until now if you wanted to record a sound in the physical world you would most probably use a microphone. Now however, a research team partly funded by Adobe, MIT and Microsoft have… Continue reading

Tweeter of the Day: @RelativityGame

@RelativityGame   Who are they?  From Twitter: Exploration puzzle game in an Escher-esque world with six gravity fields and every surface is walkable.   Why should i follow them? So technically this Twitter… Continue reading

Tweeter of the Day: @Quayola

@Quayola   Who are they? From his website:  Quayola is a visual artist based in London. He investigates dialogues and the unpredictable collisions, tensions and equilibriums between the real and artificial, the figurative and… Continue reading

Tweeter of the Day: @HuffPostCode

@HuffPostCode Who are they? A new vertical from The Huffington Post dedicated to developer, design and data contact.   Why should i follow them? HuffPostCode is a great way to keep up to… Continue reading

What is the ‘Internet of Things’?

It is a term that has been popping up more and more lately in fields as diverse as medicine, gaming and home design yet from the name alone it’s not exactly clear what the… Continue reading

Tweeter of the Day: @evrtngvisual (Everything Visual)

@evrtngvisual   Who are they?  From Twitter:  It’s about all the beautiful, exciting, colourful, touching and inspiring visual things… It’s brought to you by Diane & Roland of decollage.tv   Why should i… Continue reading


The Expr object allows you to evaluate various mathematical expressions in max without having to string together multiple operators in complex webs. Expr is however often highly misunderstood by those without relevant mathematical… Continue reading

Tweeter of the Day: @werdelin

@werdelin Who are they? Henrik Werdelin is a consultant and entrepreneur working to encourage innovation in the tech world. Why should i follow them? Henrik’s twitter feed is filled with links to interesting… Continue reading